Top 5 easy 3D prints for Halloween

Here are our top 5 easy 3D prints for this Halloween. Since it’s just around the corner no one has time for 20 hour prints plus post processing!


  1. Jack-o-lantern cookie cutters

If your making some cookies why not make them themed with this great Jack-o-lantern cookie cutter from DanielNoree. Print time: 1 hour



  1. Halloween witch

Stuck on how to dress the house up this year, then print off these witches and just hang them around the place. If you’re lucky spiders will make actual webs on them giving you that extra creepy feel…designed by AOYOU3D. Print time: 30 mins



  1. Grumpkin jar with lid

A traditional Halloween favourite with a twist! This 3D print is very practical as you can use it to store candy for those trick or treaters coming around. Designed by Ricswika. Print time: 3 hours total (2.5 hours for the jar, 30 mins for the lid)



  1. Sugar skull key ring

If you are a die-hard Halloween fan then you might want to let friends and family know by making your key ring a skull for a few weeks. Also designed by Ricswika. Print time: 15 mins



  1. Spooky Kenny figurine (and others)

These spooky Southpark figurines (all 4 are there) are about hand sized and make great little decorations for around the home. If you have time painting them gives extra pop and makes them instantly recognisable. Designed by Ricswika (again? This guy just loves Halloween). Print time: 2 hours



And a bonus not so easy print-An exploding heart

This could be the scariest of them all for some people after all the candy indulging at Halloween. This is a dual colour print which requires supports and takes approximately 15 hours, best for experienced users with well dialled-in 3D printers.



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Andrew is a mechanical engineer who loves 3D printing and wants to make it better for everyone, he is also the founder of Trinpy