Skirt Blow-Up Anime Miniature

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Skirt Blow-Up Anime Bobble Body

Inspired by the classic MarilynMonroe skirt blow up photos, but presented using a sexy female anime model instead for a twist. The design works much like a bobble head, except the entire top of the body and dress move instead of just the head. Springs made from ABS or PLA always eventually sag. To avoid this problem, the top balances on a pin hidden inside of the body, located above the center of gravity on the Z axis and preciously at the center on the X and Y axis. The creates a gravity spring that never sags or wears out. The skirts serves both as a counter-balance and as a sail, catching any near-by convection currents and creating an eye-catching swaying motion. The legs serve as the mount for the balance pin. The left shoe locks into the grate to anchor the model. The grate serves as a base providing ample stability for the model.


Print level: Beginner





Post Processing:

Infill Level: %

Material Type:

Print Time:

Model originally printed on: Duplicator 4

Recommended print settings:

Print one copy of each file. They are already rotated to the suggested orientation for optimal 3D printing. Each file has different requirements, so please play attention to the specific instructions provided below for each file. Also, see the youtube videos for time lapse sequences and more information.

Upper Body and Skirt – This is part takes the longest to print,close to 8 hours. In includes several shells that need to be supported internally by infill, so make sure to use infill as recommended.

0.1mm layer – Required for fingers, teeth, eyes and other fine detail

Support: Yes, 50 degree, 4mm or equivalent

Include Raft: Checked

Raft Layers: 1

Raft Offset: 0

Separation: 0.14mm

Raft Infill: 95%

Disable Raft Base Layers: Yes

Infill – 30% to 35%

Include Skirt/Brim: No

Build time: 7 hours 22 minutes

Filament length: 18412.7 mm

Plastic weight: 55.36 g (0.12 lb)

Material cost: $2.55

Legs- Designed to print without support; use a small skirt to add stability and adhesion.

0.1mm layer – There isn’t a lot of detail, so you can probably use 0.2mm. I used 0.1mm to match the top.

Support: No

Infill – 30% to 35%

Include Skirt/Brim: Yes

Skirt Layers: 1

Skirt Offset: 0

Skirt Outlines: 10

Build time: 3 hours 49 minutes

Filament length: 5188.6 mm

Plastic weight: 15.60 g (0.03 lb)

Material cost: 0.72

Grate,Needle – Print at the same time

0.1mm layer

Support – No

Infill – 30% to 35% (not important)

Inlude Raft; No

Include Skirt/Brim: No

Build time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Filament length: 3237.4 mm

Plastic weight: 9.73 g (0.02 lb)

Material cost: 0.45

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