Scissor Snake Boxing Gloves

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The original Scissor Snake was fun, but could be hard to print and was impossible to reconfigure or repair. This improved Scissor Snake Construction set is EASY to print, can be assembled into all the classic scissor snake configurations, can be extended by adding any number of additional stages. and can be repaired if broken.


Includes all the parts you need to make one tapered 4 stage Scissor Snake with Boxing Gloves.
Each bone is marked with either a DOT or a DASH symbol.
1) Locate all the bones marked with a DOT. Insert two pin half pieces into each bearing opening from the DOT side. These must turn freely.
2) Locate the matching DASH piece for each bone. The sides without symbols go next to each other. Snap the pieces together at the center bearing by inserting one end of the pin first, then pushing the pieces together. You should hear a snap. Insert the printed tool into the bearing from the DASH side while pushing on the pin with your finger from the DOT side. Rotate the pin 90 degrees with the tool while holding the DASH bone. The pin should snap into place parallel to the DASH symbol. Repeat for each stage.
3) Rotate the bones of each stage so that the DOT symbol is facing UP and appears on the LOWER LEFT and UPPER RIGHT section of the X formed by the bones. IMPORTANT: You may need to rotate the bones over 180 degress (cross them) to get the correct orientation, otherwise the snake will not assemble.
4) Combine the stages as desired using the same technique, however there is one unbreakable rule for combining the stages: a)  DOTs must be all on one side and all DASHs must be on the opposite side of the snake; only join DOT to DASH. Additionally, it works best if you always join arms of the same length. Otherwise you can combine the stages however you desire.


Print level: Beginner





Post Processing:

Infill Level: %

Material Type:

Print Time:

Model originally printed on: Duplicator 4

Recommended print settings:

Print at 0.1mm layer height with support. Use at least 30% in-fill. For maximum strength, use 100% in-fill.

Boxing Gloves

1) This is the only piece that needs support. Carefully remove all of the support material from the underside of the pieces and clean out the holes. There is a right and a left glove. Slide onto bones at the last stage of the scissor snake.

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