Off-road dune buggy race car

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This is an off-road dune buggy racecar with wings, it has a working suspension/linkage and wheels. The chassis and linkage prints as one piece and then the rest of the parts all snap together easily.

It is a fusion of off road and on road racing because I thought it would be sweet! I will release a chassis with just the bottom section and suspension for a quicker print in another design.

Video of ‘cracking’ linkage after printing

Print level: Expert





Post Processing:

Infill Level: %

Material Type:

Print Time:

Model originally printed on: Makerbot Replicator 2X

Recommended print settings:

This is an expert level print because the linkages for the suspension print all together so if one fails for example then the whole print may fail. Therefore you should have a well calibrated and working printer before attempting this print.
Support structures are required for the chassis and linkages however once these are removed you just 'snap' the linkages and they are loose and ready to go! This model was printed with 3 layers and 10% infill, 3 layers were used to increase the strength of all the parts. The parts were all printed in ABS except for the orange tyres which were printed in NinjaFlex (or similar flexible filament). However there are files included for all solid wheel/tyres if you have no flexible filament ('Wheel and tyre combo').
The chassis and linkage prints in one piece and is 195.6mm wide 141.8mm long and 62.6mm high, the wings and wheels then snap fit onto the chassis, the springs are placed on the chassis and linkage pins and can be quite fiddly to get into the right place. Total print time is 15-20 hours depending on settings. Video below of 'cracking' linkage after printing.

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