Mini monster truck

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This is an awesome mini monster truck that has working wheels, suspension, clip in windows/grilles and has been 100% 3D printed.  Requested by popular demand it has been resized to allow the chassis to be printed in one piece, the chassis is 207mm long (8.2 inches) and 95mm wide (4 inches). This a real all terrain vehicle and is ready for almost anything you can throw at it!

Suspension has been upgraded and is now super robust and reliable, the suspension prints all in one piece for extra strength (see photos) simply remove the supports and star moving the suspension. Windows and parts all easily clip in and fit together, no glue is required unless you are going to be launching this truck off drops and jumps metres high!

Model is approximately 207mm (8.2 inches) long, 212mm (8.4 inches) wide, 130mm (5 inches) tall when fully printed and assembled.

Print level: Expert





Post Processing:

Infill Level: %

Material Type:

Print Time:

Model originally printed on: Makerbot Replicator 2X

Recommended print settings:

All parts were printed in ABS except for the tyres which were printed in NinjaFlex but any solid and equivalent 'rubbery filament' would work as a substitute. The dual suspension and springs were printed with 3 layers and 20% infill so that they were strong. The chassis was printed in 3 layers and 15% infill. Windows and wheels are fine at 2 layers and 10% infill. The tyres were printed with 2 layers and 10% infill. The dual suspension components were printed all in one piece and then the supports were removed afterwards, then 'crack' the linkage and it is ready for the springs to be installed. Chassis will require supports also.

Flex the tyres over the wheels, this is easy because of how flexible the tyres are (make sure the flat side of the wheel is facing the chassis, there should be a large gap between the edge of the wheel and the edge of the tyre on the side facing the chassis because this is where the suspension upright sits in). Flex the springs slightly and insert them into the dual suspension mounts. Clip the dual suspension mounts into the chassis, this should be quite snug and will require some force to get it into position (you can add glue if you like but this shouldn't be necessary). Clip the windows into the chassis. Insert the front grille and front bonnet, these parts may require a tiny bit of glue depending on how tight they fit. Then clip the wheels on and you are ready to go!

Total printing time is approximately 62 hours if printed with NinjaFlex wheels, approximately 45 hours if printed with solid filament wheels (chassis 14 hours, suspension 6 hours, wheels, 10 hours, tyres 30 hours, other 2 hours).

Note: if you don't have rubbery material there are files for a wheel/tyre combination that you can print in your solid filament (Tyre and wheel_left x2 and Tyre and wheel_right x2).

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