Jello Pool Base

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Welcome to Sexy Jello Wrestling Females, a series of detailed models optimized for 3D printing; posed to 3D print beautifully and quickly at small size with very little support. This is the matching Jello Pool display base for Sexy Jello Wrestling Females. It includes 3 models: the jello pool ready to accept any of the Jello Wrestlers already posed on a jello floor; plus an empty jello floor to snaps in and out of the pool. It also includes a water tight pool and attached jello floor, so you can use add resin to simulate water or jello. You might position the wrestlers partially submerged in the pool for example. Watch for more models compatible with this pool.
Matching Products (possibly nsfw):
Sexy jello bath
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

Print level: Beginner





Post Processing:

Infill Level: %

Material Type:

Print Time:

Model originally printed on: Duplicator 4

Recommended print settings:

Print the Jello Pool at 0.3 mm. If you have trouble printing overhangs, use with support, but it usually is not necessary. There are some small overhangs.

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