Jabba’s Rancor

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The pins fit very well, no real tolerance issues. They are not meant to hold the pieces together – they are meant to let you easily join the pieces without messing up the orientation.

This is a much more detailed version of Jabba’s Rancor. I have removed all the ball joints and replaced them with just simple hex pins (it is no longer a poseable Rancor)

The pose is fixed ready for the next parts which will come later, the guard, head being bitten off, etc..

The chain is printable but I personally am using a small real chain as it’s a fairly common item to have lying around, or some junk jewellery would suffice. The shackle print, assemble and them place over the forearm before attaching the right hand (or left, you can alter the shackle side if you prefer)

Only a few parts need support, the arms, legs all print without support, but the hands and main torso need support, but it’s not alot.

Print level: Intermediate





Post Processing:

Infill Level: %

Material Type:

Print Time:

Model originally printed on: Fisher Delta

Recommended print settings:

Print at 0.2mm or lower for the best tolerance on parts fitting, I used 15% infill on mine but used %50 in the legs to give them more weight to make it more stable standing up.

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