Ferris Wheel

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This was a continuation of my fairground theme. I also wanted to try using gears.
I used a variety of infills depending on the parts. Obviously the smaller parts needed a greater infill.
There are a lot of individual parts to this model. I have tried to keep the part count as low as possible, but wanted to be able to print with as little support material as possible. I have provided full written assembly instructions to ease assembly.
The model stand 22cm (8.5 inch’s) tall and 15cm (6 inch’s) wide.

Print level: Intermediate


License: Premium

Supports: Yes

Rafts: Yes

Post Processing: No

Infill Level: 40-60%

Material Type: Solid Filament,PLA,ABS

Print Time: 10+ Hours

Model originally printed on:

Recommended print settings:

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