Elegant Elephant Dish Rack

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Are you also doing your dishes by hand? Well I do and i got really tired of drying my cutlery by hand and i had nowhere to place them…

So I designed this elephant, inspired by Peleg Design.

It uses a channel and angle on the inside to let water flow outwards from the snout of the elephant. Prints best with solvable materials (PVA + PLA for example). The inside is OK without support, but the legs are right now a mess to remove PLA if you use only 1 extruder. I will update this shortly!

Clear coat = waterproof
Using 2-3 layers of clear coating (quite excessively on the inside) the model is fully waterproof and all the water left on the cutlery, channeling it out from the snout.

Print level: Intermediate


License: Standard

Supports: Yes

Rafts: Yes

Post Processing: No

Infill Level: 0-10%

Material Type: Solid Filament,PLA,PET

Print Time: 3-5 Hours

Model originally printed on: FlashForge Dreamer

Recommended print settings:

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