3DChamp KING Heirloom Chess Set

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This is a great print for the beginner to expert.  I have optimized the entire set to not require support and can be printed in almost any material.  I print in pla, petg, abs, and nylon.  This set is a replica of an art set of carved wood pieces from the turn of the century.  This is a neat set for your self or to make as nice gifts for someone special for the holidays.

King 45mmx45mmx100mm

Queen 45mmx45mmx98mm

Bishop 40mmx40mmx77mm

Knight 39mmx38mmx66mm

Rook 32mmx32mmx65mm

Pawn  35mmx35mmx56mm

Print level: Beginner





Post Processing:

Infill Level: %

Material Type:

Print Time:

Model originally printed on: I have a custom reprap

Recommended print settings:

3 Perimeters
.2 layer height
3 layers bottom
3 layers top
20% infill
Print 4 in 2 contrasting colors
PAWN Print 16 in 2 different colors

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