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  • Unlimited downloads of all Standard designs
  • Ability to download or stream the design directly to your 3D printer
  • Access to our Exclusive designs that you can't get anywhere else
  • Buy subscription for 12 premium designs per month or,
  • Buy a once off credit pack
  • Under 50c (USD) per Premium design (for yearly subscription)
  • 70% of the subscription price goes to our designers! This gives them incentive to create more quality designs
  • No lock in subscription, you may cancel at any time
  • Outstanding and timely customer service
  • Access to filament discounts and other specials

Sign Up for your free Standard membership and get access to all Standard designs and a free bonus premium design as our gift to you. If you are a designer, more information can be found here. If you are a manufacturer interested in offering your customers access to our designs or are a corporation please contact us for more information and wholesale pricing.

Testimonials from Makers

30 seconds ago - Found out about Trinpy
25 seconds ago - Fell in love with the idea of Trinpy
20 seconds ago - Signed up
15 seconds ago - Downloaded my model
Now, writing to you fine minds to say congratulations, awesome idea. I'll be sure be in touch again"

"I love your downhill bike design! Thanks for making quality designs affordable, cheers Andrew"

"There are some other free designs out there but for designs that can actually be printed and are unique I would highly recommend Trinpy. I was so sick of wasting time on designs that looked great but couldn’t be printed."

"Trinpy just keeps getting better and better, I signed up just to download some of the designs but the site is getting better and better all the time. I like how the designers actually earn money for their awesome stuff!"

30 seconds ago - Found out about Trinpy
25 seconds ago - Fell in love with the idea of Trinpy
20 seconds ago - Signed up
15 seconds ago - Downloaded my model
Now, writing to you fine minds to say congratulations, awesome idea. I'll be sure be in touch again"


What does it cost?

Our standard membership is free and allows you to download unlimited standard designs. If you want to download premium designs then please see our Pricing.

Why do I need to register?

This stops people trying to distort the downloads numbers by ensuring actual users are downloading the designs and not spam bots. Signing up is free, no credit card is required, you can use an email or your FB account and takes less than 30 seconds. We take your privacy seriously and will not send you spam or sell your details, please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

How many designs can I download?

You can download unlimited Standard designs or a certain amount of Premium designs based on your subscription level, more details can be found on our Pricing page.

Why should I pay for designs?

All the designs on Trinpy have been printed and rated for beginners/intermediate/expert users so you know they can be printed without any problems. If you have ever tried to print a design that wasn’t made specifically for desktop 3D printing you will have experience many frustrations and failed prints. This wastes time and filament, not to mention destroying your whole 3D printing experience. Our subscriptions cost less than 50c per design which we believe offers great value.

What happens to the money I paid for subscriptions?

70% of subscription revenue is paid to the designers who have uploaded the designs to Trinpy. This pays them a fair amount for their work and encourages them to upload more which gives you access to more and better designs.

Does Trinpy sell 3D printers?

No, Trinpy doesn't sell 3D printers. We partner with many great suppliers who can provide recommendations, 3D printers, filament and software . Don’t forget to mention where you found them for special deals just for Trinpy members!

Can I buy just the physical models because I don’t have a 3D printer?

Not at this stage, you may download the design and then get it printed at your local 3D printing shop (subject to the Terms and Conditions) for personal use.

If your question wasn't answered or if you have any feedback you can contact the Trinpy team here.

Monster Truck

Discover designs you'll love

Poor quality, unprintable models resulting in wasted time, filament and frustration? Not here at Trinpy.

All designs have already been printed, come with recommended print settings and a beginner/intermediate/expert rating to help you choose suitable designs. We like to push the limits of desktop 3D printing, our downhill mountain bike, monster truck and speedboat (coming soon) are just some examples of firsts in desktop 3D printing.

As 3D printers get more advanced they will be able to make better designs with more materials and better functionality. Join us and be a part of this exciting new world!