How to assemble the 3D printed Downhill Mountain Bike design

If you want to print our 3D printed miniature downhill mountain bike design here’s how to do it in picture form (and a few words).

The spring is the trickiest part of this design to print, I have found that it prints best at 45 degrees to the horizontal or in full vertical. Printing it horizontal (as it appears in the design) is difficult because the spring coils are so thin that it distorts during printing (especially if printing in ABS). The spring will need to be printed with supports.

The parts are all designed to be snap fit parts with the exception of the front pin (that goes through the front forks). Line up the front wheel with the front forks and insert the pin into the hole, there is a flattened section of the pin that corresponds to a flattened section on the front forks so keep twisting the pin until these are lined up. You can glue this in place if you want it to be extra strong.

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