6 Tips for Success
6 Tips for Success for Designers

Many of you have been asking us how to get more downloads for your designs so this is our first blog in a series on how to get the most out of the Trinpy platform. The short answer to getting more downloads is to create unique and easily printable designs. However, they must also show off the best aspects of the design to the user. With that in mind we crunched the numbers on our existing designs and came up with these 6 tips for increasing your downloads on Trinpy.


1. Have a quality cover picture of your printed design
Your cover photo is what users first see when browsing designs, in order for yours to stand out make it a clear picture of your printed design on a plain background or the object in use (if it is a functional design). The Black Swan v2 has a great cover photo on a plain background that shows the detail in the design.

2. Upload more than 4 quality photos showing the design from different angles
Analysis of designs on the site show that designs with four or more photos are downloaded approximately 30% more than designs that have less than four photos. We find that people like to see photos from different angles so that they can decide if the design is right for them. If there is only one or two photos they are unsure if something important is missing or they can’t see the detail they would like on the model. A few close up shots of detailed areas or assembly photos are also very important. This design of a monster truck is a perfect example of showing quality photos.

3. Have a descriptive title
Many users come to Trinpy from external search engines so make your title a succinct description of what your design is and what it’s for. For example this title ‘Tribal Lion Iphone Case 4/4s’ is a great example because it describes that it is a phone case for the Iphone 4/4s and it’s aesthetic pattern is of a Tribal Lion. This will mean that when people search for phone cases or Iphone case 4/4s then this design will show in the results or any search for Tribal or Lions this design will also feature.

4. Have an accurate description, print level and recommended print settings
An accurate description is important because it allows users to find your design and also to determine immediately if it is what they are after, a video can be useful if it is an unusual or unique design. An accurate print level and print settings give a user the confidence that this design can be printed in their skill level and can be printed so that it matches the photos uploaded.
Note: The description and print settings don’t have to be long to be accurate, it depends on the type of design and what it is used for. For example the Off-road dune buggy below has long print settings and descriptions because it is a complex design that requires assembly. But the Tribal Lion Iphone Case 4/4s from earlier has a much shorter description and settings because it is much simpler and people already know what it is for. Both descriptions and print settings are good, they are just different because they are for different designs.

5. Upload multiple designs
When users visit your design they will see your username and the amount of other designs you have uploaded. If it has only 1 or 2 other designs users probably won’t click on your profile. This means they will have less confidence in the design they are currently viewing and also you will miss the opportunity for them to download more of your designs. If you have 10+ designs they may click on your profile and download many more of your designs. Designer E_Sanjuan is new to Trinpy so only has 1 other design on Trinpy, people are less likely to click on his profile compared to another designer who has 50+ designs.

6. Complete your designer profile
Complete your designer profile by having a nice profile picture of you or your company and have a biography that describes your hobbies and 3D printing background. You can also put a link in to your own website. Compare the two designer profiles below, see how FORMBYTE’s profile looks much more complete and you can see how you are much more likely to look at and download their other designs (compared to E_Sanjuan).



As a bonus here is our most popular design ever on Trinpy, if you are looking at increasing downloads of your designs take a look at this design and see what we have done to make it stand out and be so popular.

We hope you found these tips useful and good luck in making your designs more popular. Feel free to share these tips for others to use as well. Happy designing!