3D Printing Troubleshooting

After printing hundreds of parts taking thousands of hours we have learned a little bit about what can go wrong and how to troubleshoot failed prints. Below is a collection of that knowledge pried from the heads of our in house 3D printing nerds (read: all of us). We share this knowledge with you in the hope that we can reduce frustrations and failed prints for everybody.

One of the most important factors in getting quality prints time and time again is your bed setup, before looking at other issues we recommend the following is completed on your printer

  • print bed is leveled (some printers do this automatically but with some it must be done manually)
  • print bed is clean! No matter what type of print bed you have if it isn’t clean the filament will have trouble sticking to it and this will cause many problems. Touching your print bed will leave oil residue from your hands so should be avoided as much as possible
  • Use the appropriate surface for the material you are printing. Blue painters tape for PLA, kapton tape for ABS or BuildTak for almost all filaments (seriously this stuff is great). Some people like to add hairspray or ABS slurry to their beds to help sticking but this can be messy (honestly just get BuildTak)

This page is currently under construction, check back soon for tips on how to troubleshoot your 3D printer and prints.